Don’t fret! It’s not rainy season just yet, says Met Service

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Don’t fret! It’s not rainy season just yet, says Met Service

The heavy rain shower on Monday which led to flash flooding in parts of Port of Spain is not a sign of the rainy season.

That’s according to the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.

In a social media post on Monday, the Met Service said the showers and thunderstorms on Monday afternoon were due to many variables in the atmosphere, including an increase in instability and moisture.

It said Monday’s forecast (issued on both Sunday afternoon and Monday morning) included showers and the chance of an isolated heavy shower or thunderstorm with the possibility of accompanying gusty winds and street flooding.

The Met Office said it had received many reports of concern from members of the public about the start of the rainy season.

But it said, “The weather that we are experiencing is NOT due to the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone – which is a rainy season feature. While this has brought a change in the recent weather pattern, it does not indicate the onset of the rainy season. The TTMS will continue to monitor the weather on a 24/7 basis and inform the public of weather developments in a reliable and responsible manner.”

The Met Office asked people please to continue to pay attention to the latest forecasts, alerts, and information it issues. The public forecast is updated daily at 6am, 10am and 4pm at