Donald Trump to Host White House Event Today, Since His COVID-19 Diagnosis

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Donald Trump to Host White House Event Today, Since His COVID-19 Diagnosis

Donald Trump plans to host his first in-person event on Saturday (today) since testing positive for Covid-19 just over a week ago, and possibly still contagious.

The president will deliver a speech from one of the balconies of the White House at an event described as: “Remarks to Peaceful Law and Order Protesters.”

The president also tweeted that he would be hosting a “BIG RALLY” on Monday in Sanford, Florida.

Today, it is said that a crowd will gather on the South Lawn and include attendees at a previously scheduled event hosted by Candace Owens, the conservative activist whose Blexit group is urging black Americans to quit the Democratic Party.

In the days following Trump’s diagnosis with the coronavirus, as many as 34 White House staff have reportedly tested positive for the disease, including several key figures in the administration.

There are concerns that the seemingly lax protocols put in place by the White House to control the spread of the virus have not been sufficiently altered, which could lead to another super-spread event on Saturday.

The Rose Garden ceremony to nominate Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court candidate led a number of attendees to contract the virus. Few people wore masks or practiced social distancing.

Although Trump has not been seen in public since his return from Walter Reed, he has conducted several lengthy phone interviews, including a two-hour segment on Rush Limbaugh’s Friday noon radio show.

He has also released three pre-recorded videos and will appear in a recorded interview on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Friday night. His personal physician, Dr Sean Conley, cleared him to resume the campaign.

Citing Saturday as day 10 since diagnosis, Dr Conley said: “Based on the trajectory of the team’s advanced diagnostics, I fully anticipate the President’s safe return to public engagements at that time.

Dr Conley and the White House have come under fire for making both contradictory and misleading statements about the president’s health, damaging the credibility of the updates.

Trump told Sean Hannity on Thursday night that he would like to hold rallies in Florida and Pennsylvania on Saturday and Sunday, but according to Bloomberg information, there are no travel plans for the weekend.

Monday’s rally will be his first trip since fundraising at this Bedminster, New Jersey golf course.