Donald Trump says Twitter is Interfering in the 2020 US Election

Donald Trump says Twitter is Interfering in the 2020 US Election

US President Donald Trump is outraged on Twitter after the online service flagged one of Trump’s tweets as misleading for the first time. Twitter is thereby affecting the presidential election campaign and suppressing freedom of expression, Trump wrote. The Republican added that he would not accept this.

Twitter had previously checked one of Trump’s messages for the first time, noting that Trump had falsely claimed that the postal vote would lead to massive fraud in voting. Remark was read in a memo from the company just below the President’s messages.

Donald Trump tweet about mail-in ballots. Photo: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Trump had claimed in the tweets without any evidence that planned expanded options for postal voting in California would result in a “rigged election”. Ballots would be stolen, forged, “illegally printed” and “fraudulently filled in,” he warned.

California Governor Gavin Newsom sends ballots to every state resident – “no matter who he is and how he got there,” Trump also wrote. The president’s allegations relate to upcoming California district elections for a vacant seat in the Washington House of Representatives. Newsom plans to expand postal voting options due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter wrote: “Experts say that postal voting is very rarely linked to electoral fraud.” The company also referred to reports from CNN, the Washington Post newspaper, and other media that the allegations that the postal vote was leading to massive Election fraud rejected as “unfounded”.

For Trump, Twitter is one of the most important channels for spreading his political messages. He uses the short message service permanently to harshly attack political opponents and to praise his government work. The president’s tweets are often denounced by critics as a distortion or disregard for the facts.

Nonetheless, Twitter had never referred to possible misinformation in the President’s messages. However, two weeks ago, the company tightened its rules against the spreading of false messages. The current Twitter note on Trump’s post-election messages in California corresponds to the company’s new approach to misleading information, a company spokesman said.