Donald Trump Mounts All-Out Assault to Reverse Election Results

Donald Trump Mounts All-Out Assault to Reverse Election Results

“It was a fraudulent vote,” Trump proclaimed, while speaking via videoconference to several Republican senators during the Pennsylvania Local Assembly.

This state, which is predominantly Republican and one of the most important in the Electoral College, certified on Tuesday the victory of Democratic candidate and now President-elect Joe Biden.

The certification of the results, in Trump’s view, only cement the electoral fraud perpetrated by the Democrats and, therefore, it is necessary to “reverse this election”.

However, little by little, the still US head of state is becoming more isolated in the unfounded accusations of attempting to tamper with the presidential results.

The transition between administrations that was being blocked by the current executive, who supported the decision in the unfounded belief that the presidential results were fraudulent.

“In the best interest of our country, I recommended Emily [Murphy, responsável da Administração dos Serviços Gerais dos EUA] and their team to do what has to be done in relation to the initial protocols [de transição de administrações], and told my team to do the same, ”wrote Trump on the social network Twitter late Monday night.

However, the still American head of state did not admit defeat in the presidential elections and considered, in the same tweet, that there is still a chance of reversing the electoral results.

“Our case is still going strong, we are going to keep up the good fight and I believe we will prevail,” explained Donald Trump.

As several states, especially those that Biden managed to ‘turn around’ and that are ‘of great weight’ within the Electoral College, such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, announced the Democrat’s victory, Trump’s candidacy intensified never substantiated allegations of electoral fraud.

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.