Donald Trump Has Finally Ratified a $900 Billion US Stimulus Package


Donald Trump Has Finally Ratified a $900 Billion US Stimulus Package

It is finally done! Under pressure from US parliamentarians of all political stripes, and after several days of resistance, President Donald Trump finally ratified, December 27th, in the evening, the new $ 900 billion economic recovery plan adopted Monday by forceps by the government. Congress.

The tenant of the White House also signed in the wake of the federal-state financing bill, which avoids the closure of public services on Tuesday.

This turnaround comes after a day marked by calls from all political stripes urging it to act to avoid economic and social disaster, especially for the most vulnerable populations, while unemployment benefits for millions of unemployed expired on Saturday at midnight.

Until Sunday evening, the American president attributed his refusal to affix his seal on the bill to the fact that it was necessary to revalue the aid checks to families in difficulty, thus opposing the elected Republicans of his own camp.

Unemployment benefits provided by two federal assistance programs put in place in March as part of the first economic support plan expired at midnight on Saturday, leaving at least 12 million Americans in the dark, according to progressive think tank The Century Foundation.

The new recovery plan extends federal aid to the unemployed until mid-March, grants guaranteed loans to businesses, provides billions of dollars in aid to SMEs, catering, hotel and transport companies. air…

It also extends the moratorium prohibiting the evictions of people who cannot pay their rent, suspends foreclosures and provides funds for the distribution of anti-Covid vaccines.