Donald Trump Goes After Fox News, Calls Them ‘Dead’


Donald Trump Goes After Fox News, Calls Them ‘Dead’

President Donald Trump continued to tear up the Fox News Channel Wednesday morning by proclaiming that the right-wing network was “dead.”

“I can’t believe how well @FoxNews is doing in the leaderboards. They played in the hands of radical left-wing Democrats and are now floating in Limboland, ”Trump tweeted. “Hiring fired Donna Brazile, and much worse, allowing endless, unedited negative ads. Fox News is dead. Very sad!’

Trump has been at war with the Fox News Channel for weeks over the network’s decision to call Arizona first in favour of President-elect Joe Biden on election night – and later to join other networks in calling the race to Trump’s Democratic rival.

President Donald Trump entered Fox News Channel Wednesday morning, calling the network “dead.” He has been at war with Fox for weeks after the network launched the race against rival President-elect Joe Biden


Trump has long complained to Democratic pundits on Fox, including Brazile, a former Democratic National Committee chairman who was once a political commentator on CNN.

The Electoral College cemented Biden’s victory on Monday, but Trump continues to refuse to concede the election and goes after his suspected enemies.

Axios reported on Tuesday that Trump had promised to make Fox “pay” for accurately calling the presidential race, but he also told confidants that “people at the highest levels of Fox” called him to do so. the peace.

Trump is particularly angry with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who hosted Trump’s first debate against Biden, along with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, Axios said.

The ratings-obsessed president recently left a comment in the middle of a conversation that didn’t involve Fox, asking the person he was speaking to if they heard that Newsmax’s Greg Kelly beat MacCallum at 7pm. , reported the news site. .

The president tried to persuade his supporters to quit Fox and watch Newsmax or One America News Network instead.

Kelly edged MacCallum in a demographic (the 25 to 54 demo) one evening on December 7th. This has not happened since.

Otherwise, MacCallum’s “The Story” consistently scored higher than “Greg Kelly Reports” throughout the month of November.

Fox News Channel’s year-to-date figures show the network remains above other cable news channels, gaining both in daytime and prime-time programming and in the segment. very important age of 25 to 54 years.

Meanwhile, since the election, Newsmax has seen a decline in viewership.

And the right-wing network joined Fox News Channel this week in calling Biden a “president-elect” after Monday’s electoral college vote.