Donald Trump Continues to Vilify Scientists on COVID-19


Donald Trump Continues to Vilify Scientists on COVID-19

US President Donald Trump has defended his opposition to the advice of scientists in the corona pandemic. “If I had listened completely to the scientists, we would now have a country that would be in a massive depression,” said Trump in Carson City, Nevada, on October 18th.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden criticized Trump in North Carolina for his handling of the pandemic. “It’s getting worse and he keeps lying to us about the situation.”

Trump made fun of his Democratic challenger Biden because he promises to orient himself on the advice of scientists in the fight against the coronavirus. A little later, Trump accused Biden of imposing an “unscientific lockdown” to contain the coronavirus if he was elected.

Against Trump’s claim over the weekend that the US was “over the mountain”, Biden said that the number of new cases was at its highest level in months. “As my grandfather would say, ‘This guy doesn’t have all the cups in his closet if he thinks we’re over the top,’” Biden said.

On November 3rd, Americans would have a choice between a “Trump super recovery” of the economy and a “Biden depression,” said Trump. He warned that with Biden taxes would rise and jobs would migrate abroad. In doing so, Biden promises to use penal taxes to deter US firms from relocating jobs abroad and not to raise taxes on anyone who makes less than $ 400,000 a year if they win.

The pandemic is still out of control in the US. More than 8.1 million infections have been detected since the beginning, and almost 220,000 people died after being infected. There is currently an upward trend in the number of new corona infections per day. Regardless, Trump called on the states to open completely on Sunday.

The prominent US health expert Anthony Fauci said in an interview broadcast on Sunday with the broadcaster CBS: “I think deep down the President believes in science. If he didn’t, his health wouldn’t have the very competent doctors at Walter -Reed Military Hospital. ” Trump had tested positive for the corona virus in early October and was then treated in hospital for three days.