DOMA’s Gregory Aboud: “Be optimistic, T&T will rebound”

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DOMA’s Gregory Aboud: “Be optimistic, T&T will rebound”

By Avril St Hill Babb

DOMA President Gregory Aboud says that many businesses have closed their doors due to the fallout from the Covid 19 pandemic. However he feels that this situation will not continue in perpetuity.
He acknowledged that the economy has taken a major hit, and as a result many businesses have had to shut their doors permanently.
He told the Power Breakfast Show this morning that despite this, there is still reason to be somewhat optimistic.

He said just as Trinidad and Tobago picked itself up from the doldrums of the attempted coup of 1990, it will survive and prosper once again despite the pandemic.

He shared how being there in 1990 shaped his optimistic view of the future now.

In the meantime he said like countries such as United Kingdom, Canada and Germany we will have to live with Covid 19, but this is only possible if we are vaccinated.