DOMA handling appointments for vaccination of retail sector

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DOMA handling appointments for vaccination of retail sector

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) is facilitating appointments for the vaccination of owners and staff of the retail sector.

In a release on Wednesday, DOMA said:
These arrangements are being made through the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) as a result of direct contact from the Ministry of Health.

Because our county is trying to extricate itself from the pandemic headlock that is choking the life out of our economy, we consider it necessary to point out our appreciation for the determination to succeed, which we have observed in our dealings with the Minister of Health, the Chief Executive Officer of the NWRHA and with the members of the NWRHA who has been assigned to assist us.

It is nothing short of heartening and inspirational to have witnessed the passion and energy which the Minister, the CEO and all staff members of the NWRHA who have been assisting us in the vaccination appointment process at the Grand Stand at the QPS.

(1) We wish to advise those in the retail sector who wish to make appointments for themselves and their staff for vaccination to contact us by email with a list of those who wish to be vaccinated at [email protected] and you will be assisted to make these appointments. It is possible to include your family members. Persons younger than 18 or those who are pregnant are not eligible.

(2) We also wish to point out that a mass vaccination site is being operated by the joint Chambers including the T&T Chamber, Amcham, TTMA and others and due to the contributions of many volunteers, walk-in appointments are being accepted at NAPA. We wish to congratulate these Chambers for this initiative which is also assisting the retail sector.

If the retail sector is serious about reopening we must increase the numbers of vaccinated persons with quick speed.

Finally, we wish to encourage members of the public to avail themselves of the opportunity of becoming vaccinated especially given the very positive data on vaccination and the very negative outcome to those who are not vaccinated. Great fear exists that a third wave of this Pandemic will be a wave of unvaccinated persons and, it will be a tragedy of immense proportions for those who expose themselves to this risk where there is no scientific data to support not taking the vaccine at once.

Those voices which have expressed any doubt about the vaccine come from those who have not been able to assist anyone in this unforeseen economic catastrophe. Those voices which are urging our citizens to become vaccinated come from those who are lending support to citizens and staff in economic distress. Chief among those assisting is the Government of Trinidad & Tobago which has suffered a horrific fiscal blow and who has lead by example with the Prime Minister and several Ministers publicly showing their own vaccinations. The business community has played it’s part in providing support and therefore appreciates the great necessity of achieving widespread vaccinations.

Do not be afraid of the vaccine – be afraid if you get the virus and you are not vaccinated.