Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer Island went up in flames

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Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer Island went up in flames

The incident took place as patrons were enjoying the Fantasmic light show on Tom Sawyer Island.

Suddenly, the head of the 45-foot-tall animatronic dragon erupted into a fireball and the flames began to spread.

Cast members were at the ready and quickly evacuated around 1,000 people from the area around Frontierland. No one was hurt, but there was clearly extensive property damage.

The fire started toward the end of the show, when Mickey Mouse was fighting the fire-breathing dragon, Maleficent. The fire breath engulfed the dragon’s head and then spread to the rest of its body.

Tom Sawyer Island was the major attraction at Disney.

It was part of the original theme park when it opened in 1956. Fantasmic was added to the attraction in 1992.