Diego Martin man wounded during confrontation with police


Diego Martin man wounded during confrontation with police

A 24-year old man from Diego Martin was shot and wounded during a confrontation with the Police.

Police Officers were on mobile patrol around 6:30 pm yesterday when, based on information received, they proceeded to a house at Union Road, Four Roads. They observed several men drinking in the yard who, upon seeing the officers began to run in different directions. One of the men was walking hastily in the opposite direction when one of the officers shouted for him to stop and held his shoulder. The suspect pulled away aggressively, turned to face the officer, raised his shirt, and allegedly pulled a firearm from his waist.

The officer, believing his life and that of his fellow officers were in danger, discharged four rounds from his Service firearm in the direction of the man. The man fell to the ground with gunshot wounds to his abdomen. One Glock 17 pistol with a magazine was allegedly retrieved from him.

The wounded man was taken to the St. James Medical Complex where he was treated and transferred to the Port of Spain General Hospital. He is currently under observation in critical condition.