Did Dexta Daps really grind on a man while on stage?

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Did Dexta Daps really grind on a man while on stage?

Dancehall singer, Dexta Daps is back in the spotlight for his crazy antics on stage with the ladies.

However this time the artiste/sultry stage performer is being accused of dancing with a man dressed as a woman – who persons online claim to be a transgender man.

Dexta clapped back at his fans on social media with an Instagram post, saying that the person who they think is a transgender man was actually a woman.


During Daps danced with the woman on stage, cameras were able to capture the performance at close range, showing under her dress; making onlookers to believe her private parts were that of a penis.

Dexta Daps after having to deal with the pressures of social media posted the actual video of the performance and a statement from the female fan he danced with on stage.