Deyalsingh hopes to have vaccine plan rolled out on April 6

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Deyalsingh hopes to have vaccine plan rolled out on April 6

“If everything goes to plan” and the 33,600 vaccines from COVAX arrive on time, this country could see a roll out of its vaccination programme on April 6th.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, at today’s media briefing, detailed that the vaccines are en route from South Korea.
However, he said they will be racking up a lot of miles, as they first must go through Brussels, Amsterdam, and Miami before arriving in Trinidad and Tobago.

He said their estimated date and time of arrival is March 30 at 6.10 pm.

But he warned the nation not to hold him to that, as things such as a flight delays or bad weather could change the arrival time.

The Health Minister also maintained that the 33,000 doses would be used to continue the vaccination process of frontline health care workers, as well as those 60 years and over at public health non-communicable diseases clinics.

Members of the clinic would be vaccinated on their usual clinic days while people of the general public in the same category could make appointments to be vaccinated on non-clinic days.

He said half of the vaccines would be stored at C40 in Chaguaramas and the other half at Couva Hospital. Then, 3,000 doses would be sent to Tobago on April 1.