“Don’t let COVID-19 parang your house this Christmas”

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“Don’t let COVID-19 parang your house this Christmas”

That was the advice given on Saturday by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh.

The minister once again appealed to people to celebrate quietly this year and said that he has reached out to Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon and head of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) Dr Knolly Clarke to counsel their respective congregations about the dangers of opening their homes and expanding circles to include outsiders.

He said while Christmas is a time for rejoicing, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, increased prayer and social gatherings, citizens could not afford to become complacent and let their guard down.

Deyslsing said during Divali, “the Hindu community responded brilliantly to our calls and that is how you can celebrate a holy and important festival safely. We are asking the same thing now of the Christian community and also because Christmas is celebrated by all religions and all people.”

He said “You may think that you exist in your own little bubble but once you interact with people, you are interacting with persons of different bubbles.”

Deyalsingh said “That is what we are scared about this December. It just takes one spark to infect one of those bubbles.”