Devon Seale releases “Doh Jackass De Scene”

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Devon Seale releases “Doh Jackass De Scene”

Calypsonian Devon Seale rode the Trini lingo wave with his newly released track titled “Doh Jackass De Scene.

Seale who made the Calypso Monarch finals in 2010, 2011, 2012, placed 2nd in 2015 with “My Humble Plea” and “Soul Judges,” and won the crown in 2016 with “Respect God’s Voice” and “Spirit Of Carnival; has taken T&T by storm again.

For the entire stretch of T&T’s stay at home measures social media users would ask each other to adhere to the government’s Public Health Regulations and casually say “don’t Jackass de scene T&T”; however for each health briefing, the country would be updated of an increase in Covid related deaths, lack of beds and an increase in positive Covid cases.

Devon Seale got one of the biggest highlights in the Calypso/Entertainment industry since the pandemic started when the Prime Minister endorsed his most recent release during the Health Media Briefing on Saturday May 15th.

Mere minutes later fans of Kaiso were digging every inch of social media, the internet and streaming app to find Devon’s track “Doh Jackass De Scene”’ – we’re told he is also creating a music video to go along with the audio.

Press play to hear Devon Seale’s “Doh Jackass De Scene”