Derek Chauvin Could Receive Over $1 Million Pension Even If Convicted Of Murdering George Floyd

Derek Chauvin Could Receive Over $1 Million Pension Even If Convicted Of Murdering George Floyd

Officer Derek Chauvin, arrested and charged with death of George Floyd, can receive a pension of more than $1 millionUS even if he’s convicted of the crime, according to a report by the American network CNN.

Chauvin was filmed in late May kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, ignoring the victim’s warnings that he was unable to breathe. Floyd died as a result of the police approach, which triggered a series of anti-racist protests across the United Statesand in several countries.

According to CNN, Chauvin, who is 44, has worked in the Minneapolis police department since 2001 – he was fired after Floyd’s death. When he reaches 50, he will be able to apply for retirement.

Considering the salary paid to Chauvin in that period – which has not been revealed – it is possible that he will receive $1.5 millionUS or more over a period of 30 years.

Public safety pensions are notably large, constituting a sizable portion of giant local and state budgets for police. With the movement to defund the police, these pensions will likely be a point of debate, especially given the fact that Derek Chauvin, who could be found guilty of murder, remains eligible for his pension without legislative changes.

“Pension forfeiture for misconduct is pretty rare,” D. Bruce Johnson, a professor of law at George Mason University who has authored studies on the subject, told CNN. “With this terrible tragedy, it might be a good time to push in this direction.”

Still according to CNN, another police officer involved in the approach that resulted in Floyd’s death is also in a position to request retirement from public service. The other two accused officials, being newbies, do not meet the requirements. The four policemen were fired.