Deosaran tells gov’t and opposition to stop the “pappyshow” and hold crime talks

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Deosaran tells gov’t and opposition to stop the “pappyshow” and hold crime talks

Criminologist Professor Ramesh Deosaran has slammed both the government and the opposition, as no date has been set, nor has confirmation been given on whether the planned bi-partisan crime talks will indeed be held.

Deosaran accused the government and opposition of “continuing to pursue petty political agendas” while refusing to cooperate to bring crime under control.

In a statement, Deosaran said, “Given the strained non-productive relationship now existing between the PNM and UNC on the proposed crime talks, the government should go to parliament with whatever its crime proposals are, let the Opposition reply and let the people judge.”

“Cut out the shadow-boxing, bluffing and follow the constitution and parliamentary democracy, especially since the government insists on having only legislative matters in the crime talks.”

Deosaran said the ongoing stances adopted by the government and opposition when it comes to acting responsibly on matters such as crime make certain things clear to the population.

“The required elements of mutual trust, compromise and political respect have gone dead.”

He compared the PNM and UNC’s behaviour to that of the Roman emperor Nero, playing his fiddle while Rome burnt to ashes around him.

“Too much valuable time is being wasted in this very serious matter, increasingly affecting personal safety, economic progress, national security and the overall quality of life in the country.”

He called on the government and opposition to get serious and end the political pappyshow that the “dangling crime talks” have become.