Deosaran: Lack of proper parenting contributing to crime

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Deosaran: Lack of proper parenting contributing to crime

A lack of proper parenting is a significant contributor to crime according to Criminologist Ramesh Deosaran.

He says that many youths are growing up in households that are devoid of the love, care and attention necessary for the healthy rearing of a child.

Deosaran noted the fallout in the education system, stating that the recent news report that over two thousand students had dropped out of the Secondary school system was alarming.

At least 151 primary school pupils dropped out of government schools in Trinidad between the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2022, while another 2,663 students dropped out of government secondary schools during the same period–a figure of 2,814.

Deosaran was quick to add though, that not everyone who comes from homes where little to no love was shown turn to crime.

He did note though that the higher percentage of youths involved in criminality in Trinidad and Tobago came from an uncaring environment and ‘deficient education’.