Deosaran in favor of Barbados PM’s proposal to exchange and rotate judges

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Deosaran in favor of Barbados PM’s proposal to exchange and rotate judges

Criminologist Professor Ramesh Deosaran believes that we should move quickly to leverage the recommendations from regional leaders, which were made at the now concluded two day symposium on crime.

Professor Deosaran said: “I think what the symposium should really do is to select those major issues, prioritise them, prioritise the relevance, the importance and the complexity of all the issues raised, whether it is gangs, the social conditions concerning crime, make a list and set sub-committees to examine each one within two weeks. Get as much data to back up the recommendations and then do it in a very intelligent and sustainable manner.

He also backed the proposals of public office holders, including Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who has advocated for a Caricom arrest warrant, the exchange and rotation of judges and the enlargement of the jurisdiction of magistrates among other things.

Deosaran said a Caribbean judiciary and the establishment of a Caribbean policing system were issues for consideration.

He added, “Ms Mottley’s recommendation will be very useful, not only to move around the judges but to move around the jurors, especially in the smaller islands, for very serious criminal cases, especially where familiarity exists between the jurors and the accused.”