Dennis: PDP’s alternative council cannot assist in making THA accountable

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Dennis: PDP’s alternative council cannot assist in making THA accountable

Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis the Progressive Democratic Patriot’s (PDP’s) did not need to establish a shadow executive council to facilitate community-based initiatives.

PDP deputy political leader Farley Augustine announced the party’s establishment of an alternative executive council on Friday, which will serve the needs of Tobagonians until a solution to the six-six deadlock in the THA is reached.
Augustine said the alternative council, which is expected to begin its work on Monday, will focus largely on community-based initiatives.

However, Dennis, in an interview with the Newsday, said the PDP’s decision to establish an alternative executive council had nothing to with accountability but political relevance.

Dennis said the PDP, through its alternative council, cannot assist in making the THA accountable to the people.

He said the existing council continues to report to the people, even in the absence of a fully constituted THA.

Dennis: “So, accountability systems are in place. We continue to facilitate that as an executive council. We continue to respect the rule of law and we continue to discharge our responsibilities even in these unique times and circumstances in accordance with the laws of TT.”

Dennis told Tobagonians there is only one executive council of the THA that is duty bound to run the affairs of this island, until a new executive is appointed.