Democrats Maintain Majority in the House of Representatives


Democrats Maintain Majority in the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives will be completely redefined in the US election. According to initial reports, the Democrats can keep the upper hand. For the Republicans, a conspiracy theorist moves to Congress.

According to a projection by TV station Fox News, the Democrats defended their majority in the House of Representatives in the US election, as expected. It remained more exciting on Wednesday night at the second Congress Chamber, the Senate.

There the Democrat John Hickenlooper Edison Research chased away the seat from the Republican incumbent Cory Gardner. So far, the Republicans in the Senate have a slim majority of 53 of the 100 seats.

Before the election, 14 seats were considered contested, so the result may be unclear for a while. With control of the whole of Congress, even if incumbent Donald Trump wins the presidential election, the Democrats could largely block Republican policies.

In addition, the Republicans in the House of Representatives will have to deal with a supporter of the conspiracy theory QAnon in their ranks. The candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, as expected, won a seat in the state of Georgia.

The central claim of the QAnon supporters is that there is a conspiracy against US President Donald Trump in the deeper layers of the US government apparatus. They also often claim that prominent Democratic Party politicians in the United States have been treated with hormones made from the blood of children.

Several Republican leaders have condemned the QAnon theories. President Donald Trump struggled with it on several occasions and expressly supported Greene.

In the House of Representatives, which is completely on the vote, the Democrats hold a majority of 232 of the 435 seats so far. 218 votes are required for a majority. Initially, the Democrats were able to win one seat in the forecast results on Tuesday. According to the AP, the Republicans secured 73 and the Democrats 42 seats