Democratic Congressman Sues Trump Over Role in U.S. Capitol Riot

Democratic Congressman Sues Trump Over Role in U.S. Capitol Riot

An American Democratic congressman sued former President Donald Trump for inciting a lethal Capitol insurrection and for conspiring with his lawyer and extremist groups to try to avoid certifying the election results that defeated him.

The lawsuit filed by Congressman Bennie Thompson, from Mississippi, who leads the Internal Security committee in the House of Representatives, is part of an expected wave of legal actions regarding the January 6 attacks on the Capitol and is believed to be the first filed by a member of Congress, claiming unspecified consequences and compensation, the Associated Press (AP) said.

The lawsuit also accuses Republican and former Donald Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, as well as extremist groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, with members accused by the Justice Department, of being part of the attack.

A Trump adviser, Jason Miller, said today that the former US president did not organize the rally that preceded the Capitol invasion “nor did it incite or conspire to incite any violence” on January 6. Contacted by the AP, a lawyer for Giuliani has so far not commented on the accusation.

The suit was handed over to a federal court in Washington and is known three days after the Senate acquitted Donald Trump in an impeachment process based on allegations of direct responsibility of the former head of state in the events on Capitol Hill that resulted in the death of five people.

It is admitted that the Senate acquittal opens the door to greater legal scrutiny of Trump’s actions related to the January 6 attack and other lawsuits can be filed by other members of Congress or even by security agents injured during the attack.