Decision on SEA exam by end of this week

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Decision on SEA exam by end of this week

A final decision will be made at the end of the week, regarding the holding of the 2021 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination, which is due June 10th.

This was revealed in the Senate this morning, by Minister Clarence Rambharat, who was responding to a question on behalf of the Education Minister.

He said “We know that students have been working towards June 10th and changing that date would be the very last resort and the only reason that date would change is in line with the safety of the population and the current environment. Based on the numbers and what transpires this week, a final decision will be made and communicated to the public at the end of this week.”

COVID-19 cases have been increasing at an alarming rate, since the Ministry of Education announced the date for SEA last month.

Mr Rambharat acknowledged that there are mixed views on hosting the exam and assured that officials will be monitoring the figures over the next few days.