Debate On Issues Affecting Women To Be Held On July 9th 10am At House Chamber

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Debate On Issues Affecting Women To Be Held On July 9th 10am At House Chamber

The Women Parliamentarians of Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with the Young Women Empowered to Serve  Leadership Programme will be hosting a debate on Tuesday, 9th July 2024 at 10:00 a.m. in the House Chamber, where the young women will utilize the skills they have garnered as they debate the following topic:  WHEREAS sextortion is the abuse of power to receive a sexual benefit or advantage rather than money;

AND WHEREAS sextortion may deprive women of jobs, promotions, and access to public utilities and social services, as well as other financial and social opportunities if they refuse to render sexual favours;

AND WHEREAS sextortion can inflict tremendous psychological harm on victims who have been coerced into rendering sexual favours for a benefit;

AND WHEREAS there are laws against corruption, but which do not cover sextortion and no laws against sexual harassment as an offence;

AND WHEREAS due to gaps in the existing legislation sextortion can go unreported and unpunished:

BE IT RESOLVED that legislation be introduced within twelve months to make sextortion a criminal offence.

The Women Parliamentarians of Trinidad and Tobago was established in March 2023 to create a collaborative network to promote women’s access, representation and influence in Parliament and other decision-making spaces.

As part of its mandate, the Young Women Empowered to Serve Leadership Programme was birthed.

It is a forum for debate and discussion as young women seek to develop their political ideologies to represent themselves as participants of the decision-making process in the political arena.

It is intended to create a future group of women who will represent the dynamics of the ever-changing world under the guidance of former and present women parliamentarians without the affiliation of political parties.

A group of women from diverse religious, ethnic, educational and financial backgrounds with a driving passion for debate and representation have been selected for this programme, which offers a pragmatic blend of professional development, mentorship and networking with exposure to the Legislative Process, Diplomacy and Protocol, Leadership, Advocacy and the intersection between Gender and Sustainable Development.

They have been mentored by current and former women parliamentarians, and this will equip them with the necessary skills to eventually occupy spaces of influence in political organizations.