Death threats for DSS Founder Kerron Clarke

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Death threats for DSS Founder Kerron Clarke

Izzso media has obtained two of several audio notes with death threats directed at DSS founder Kerron Clarke, that are making the rounds on social media. In the first voice note an unidentified man is heard threatening the life of Mr. Clarke, if the DSS founder does not return monies ‘invested’ in the DSS enterprise.

The man is heard issuing the threats and asking the DSS founder to return their money with their receipts. In the second audio clip, another unidentified man is heard alleging that he was recently behind Mr. Clarke, at an undisclosed location and sent for a gun to ‘deal with him’. Izzso media forwarded the two audio clips to the COP, because of the seriousness of the threats heard in the audio clips. The COP Gary Griffith had no comment but to say that it was an ongoing investigation.