Death penalty needs to be returned as crime deterring investments in TT

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Death penalty needs to be returned as crime deterring investments in TT

MovieTowne owner Derek Chin, has expressed frustration with the country’s spiralling crime.
This follows the latest of murder of another businessman during a carjacking in Chaguanas.

In a GML interview, Chin said: “I would like to see the return of the death penalty because nothing else seems to be working.”

He said crime continues to deter investments for T&T, Chin urged the authorities to “start to hang people,” noting there is no other deterrent which is currently working to abate criminal activities.

“There is no value for human life… the crime situation is extremely worrying and to have a situation where the Commissioner says crime will be under control by June and we are already in the middle of April and the murders are getting out of hand … This is a very grave concern to all of us in the business community,” Chin said.

He said he does not know what Government’s plans are to regain control and make the country safe, since everything else has failed so far.

Chaguanas Chamber president Baldath Maharaj, highlighted within the same GML interview, agreed that the death penalty would be a deterrent to crime. However, he said more focus should be placed on restorative justice for first-time offenders.

“We have first-time offenders who go into the jail and come out as hardened criminals with a lot more knowledge. Restorative justice is a better way to deal with them,” Maharaj added.