Death Penalty for Teacher Who Raped Multiple Students in China


Death Penalty for Teacher Who Raped Multiple Students in China

A Chinese teacher at an elementary school has been sentenced to death for raping several students from 2001 to 2020, the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office of China said Monday at a press conference.

Chinese authorities said the man, identified only by his surname Yang, raped and molested young girls at Baisha primary school in Luxi County, Hunan Province. Nine students were raped, China’s highest prosecution authority said.

The crimes were carried out behind closed doors in offices and classrooms of the school, authorities said.

According to China’s Procuratorate Daily, Baisha primary school did not hold Yang and an accomplice with the surname Mi accountable despite growing allegations.

In 2017, parents issued a complaint to the principal and vice-principal, but the school did not follow up with an investigation. Yang and Mi continued to terrorize students after 2017, state media said.

Local police in Hunan did not begin investigations until May 2020 after two victims reported the alleged crimes to police.

The Prosecutors’ Office said the sentencing occurred in August of last year. Yang was sentenced to death and Mi received a 17-year prison sentence after authorities concluded Mi joined Yang in the gang rape of a 12-year-old girl, according to the South China Morning Post Tuesday.