Davidson-Celestine tells PDP members to “zipline their lip”

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Davidson-Celestine tells PDP members to “zipline their lip”

Following talk by the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) of a failed zip-line park under her watch, PNM Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine has clapped back, and has told the PDP to “zipline their lip.”

PDP’s deputy leader Farley Augustine, stated during a meeting on Sunday evening, that Davidson-Celestine was in charge of a still incomplete zip-line project that cost taxpayers over two million.

He said: “A service agreement that was dated the 12th of June, 2015, showed that the Division of Tourism and Transportation contracted a British Virgin Islands corporation located at Tortola to design, develop and construct a ‘High Angle ‘ Canopy Tour Course in the Main Ridge Forest at an initial cost of US$531,610. The Executive Council’s approval for the establishment of this facility, however, was not available for audit.”

Augustine said “The sum of $2,511,210.20 was paid to the Corporation up to the 30th September 2016 for materials and equipment; however, the existence of these assets was not verified.

But a release from the PNM Tobago Council leader pointed out that although the project was commissioned when Davidson-Celestine was Secretary for Tourism and Transportation, work had barely started when she left office.

Davidson-Celestine said: “Starting something and not completing it under your term of office cannot be tantamount to mismanagement. But I am not surprised that the PDP doesn’t understand that you can’t be in charge of something when you’re not in office, given that the party’s founder has been more missing that found in Tobago.”

She said “Perhaps it’s because their leader is neither here nor there, or since he has become known as the Invisible Man, perhaps not all there.”
Mr Duke should be focusing on his public image, or rather, his lack of image” she added.

Davidson-Celestine sent assurances to Tobagonians that the zipline project is still in the works. “I am very results oriented,” she said, “and my administration will ensure that we deliver on those facilities promised. Investment in sites and attractions are critical in expanding eco and adventure tourism. So delivering at least two ziplines is a priority for us going forward.”