Darius: Gangs attempting to war for turf!

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Darius: Gangs attempting to war for turf!

The murder toll in Trinidad and Tobago has reached 493 and counting with many speculating that the figure would cross the 500 mark soon.

Some experts as well as the Opposition believe that we are on par to post the highest figure ever by the end of this year.

One Criminologist believes that there are two basic and primary reasons that are driving the phenomena.

Speaking with News Power Now Darius Figuera said that one of the reasons is the intensification of gang warfare in T&T.

He explained that gangs seek to create an unstable environment rife with violence to create and facilitate gang warfare.

He said that some gangs refuse to accept the present organisational structure and in an effort to assert dominance or take control of the present system they try to create havoc.

Figuera noted the second issue is that interpersonal relations in T&T have now become terrain driven by gun violence made more prevalent with the proliferation of guns coming into the country.