CXC is now assuring a review of all formal complaints

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CXC is now assuring a review of all formal complaints

The Caribbean Examination Council is now promising a review of all formal reports made regarding the 2020 CSEC and CAPE results.

CXC Chairman, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, in a release, says CXC Registrar Dr Wayne Wesley and his team have met with regional Education Ministers to discuss their concerns and to identify the underlying causes with a view to moving forward and providing clarity.

He says CXC is satisfied that Ministers have received explanations for its positions in light of the public discourse.

At the same time however, he said while there might be policy and technical issues to be addressed immediately, the maintenance of public trust going forward is paramount.

Professor Beckles assured that “each and every” formally reported case will be reviewed and remedies applied where required.

“It has been agreed, therefore, that an Independent Review Team will shortly begin this work and present a report for discussion with relevant stakeholders” he said.

In spite of these issues, Beckles praised his team, saying the “Management at CXC has been impressive in the delivery of the July 2020 regional examinations within the context of the COVID-19 logistics nightmare, and crippling global doubt about revised examinations systems and procedures. I commend the team at CXC for their effort to serve the best they can – the people of our region.”