Cunupia pensioner killed in arson attack/robbery

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Cunupia pensioner killed in arson attack/robbery

A Cunupia pensioner was killed in arson attack/ robbery.

The 77-year-old Cunupia man died when his home was set ablaze by bandits.

Ramdeo Ragoo was at his Regina Drive, Jerningham Junction, Cunupia, home with his daughter and a fifteen-year-old relative at around 11:00 AM on Friday when two men ran into the house.

One of the men carried a red gasoline container and ordered the family not to make any noise and relieved them of a cell phone, a bag containing Ragoo’s medicine, and TTD $600.

Ragoo’s daughter and the teen boy were able to escape the bandit by running out of the house and seeking help from nearby residents but on returning to the house realized it was on fire while Ragoo was still inside.

The authorities were later told that Ragoo recently suffered a stroke and was immobile as a result of this.

A party of officers from the Chaguanas Fire Station extinguished the blaze and found the charred remains of Ragoo inside on the couch in the living room.

Homicide Detectives from the Region Three Homicide Bureau are investigating this appalling crime.