Crime Stoppers TT to help Carlsen Field farmers revamp neighborhood watch

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Crime Stoppers TT to help Carlsen Field farmers revamp neighborhood watch

On the heels of the murder of Carlsen Field farmer Christopher Christian, and the wounding of his father Matthew Christian, the head of Crime Stoppers TT says the group is willing to help residents and farmers in the area revamp neighbourhood watch groups.

Residents of the area, including the president of the Trinidad Unified Farmers Association Shiraz Khan, have said they are fed up with the attacks and lashed out at the police for not doing frequent patrols in Carlsen Field despite the reports.

Yesterday, Central Division Senior Superintendent Garvin Simon said the investigation into the murder of Christian and the shooting of his father was ongoing as investigators were still gathering crucial information.

Simon also responded to some of the criticism against the police regarding the spate of robberies and home invasions in Carlsen Field. He said the police have been working closely with residents over the past month on ways to combat the criminal attacks, including the use of WhatsApp chat groups to warn one another about suspicious activity.

Simon insisted that police officers patrol the area frequently and are determined to restore safety in the farming community. The senior officer assured that the police are doing everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent further violence. Meanwhile, Crime Stoppers director Darrin Carmichael said that while Carlsen Field already had two established neighbourhood watch groups, he is willing to assist in revamping these groups to ensure they are being used effectively by residents.

He stressed that the community’s safety hinged on immediate and effective action to prevent further tragedies. Carmichael also advised Carlsen Field residents to contact him at 312-2281 for any assistance in protecting the area.