CPL T20 contingent to stay in their “bubble” while in Trinidad

CPL T20 contingent to stay in their “bubble” while in Trinidad

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has described the Caribbean Premier League as a “bubble”, one that will not be penetrated by the public or breached by the players.

That was his response when asked what our rise in Covid -19 cases would mean for the hosting of the CPL T20 tournament next month.

As izzso previously reported and as the Prime Minister maintained today, players and staff of the CPL will not be allowed to mix with the general public and will be isolated in their “bubble” at the Hilton Trinidad, St Ann’s.

He said the only time they can depart from that “bubble” is for training and for matches at their respective venues.
“So there is no chance of contact with the citizens.”

The CPL crew arrives in mid-August and will be in Trinidad until mid-September. They will be tested before arrival, on arrival and at intervals during their stay.

He said based on rigid protocols agreed upon, there will be no incidents of players departing their “bubble” to hang out and go by a bar.

When asked about the financial benefits of the CPL, Rowley simply stated that: “it’s not an insignificant figure.”
He said it will be 250 people for 14 days “so do the math.”

He assured that it is an activity that is beneficial to us.