Covid-19 virus can cause blood clots

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Covid-19 virus can cause blood clots

Dr. Andre Earle, a young Medical Practitioner, has issued a call to action to young persons, warning them to be vigilant of the Covid-19 virus as it does not discriminate based on age.

During the Ministry of Health’s press conference on Wednesday, Earle said the virus should not be considered as an “old people virus.”

“This is not just your aunty virus or your uncle virus. This virus, if given the opportunity, will cause permanent damage to your lungs, your heart, your brain, and your kidneys and your liver and it will still kill your aunty and your uncle.”

His direct approach comes as a result of witnessing critical Covid-19 patients being treated, such as those who were intubated or housed at the ICU.

One of the more serious side effects of the virus Dr. Earle noted, was blood clots suffered by a few patients.

While he said that the information is not meant to scare anyone, he described the virus as unforgiving.