COVID-19 Herd Immunity May Be Achieved in the Cayman Islands

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COVID-19 Herd Immunity May Be Achieved in the Cayman Islands

While many other Caribbean islands are struggling to control the spread of the coronavirus, the Cayman Islands could soon become the only Caribbean nation to accomplish COVID-19 herd immunity

According to the Chief Medical Officer of the Cayman Islands, Dr. John Lee, stated that the vaccination statistics reports that the nation just requires exactly 5,000 additional individuals to get vaccinated to complete its target.

The vaccination benchmark for herd immunity and border reopening is 70%. As of May 20, 64 percent (41,307 individuals) of the country’s 65,000 populace had gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. Some 54 percent have been fully vaccinated.

There have been 76,379 COVID-19 vaccinations given altogether in the Cayman Islands. The nation has just shy of 10,000 vaccine dosages left to be utilized.

Chief of the Cayman Islands, Wayne Panton has said that an objective of 70% of the all-out population is “do-able” and that the country is “within striking distance of this now”.

As indicated by Panton, “The last Government had set the target vaccination rate at which borders would reopen at around 70 to 80 percent of the total population. We believe that while 80 percent may be difficult to achieve, 70 per cent is do-able, if we have persons committed to acting in a manner that is reflective of the greater public good just like the way we rallied as a community, staying home and limiting movement for several challenging months in 2020.”

General Health, individuals from Cabinet, the Chamber of Commerce, and nearby heads of business have encouraged Cayman Islands inhabitants who have not yet been inoculated to get their first immunization before June 9, as existing antibody stocks lapse on June 30.

Cayman Island, which is a British abroad domain, received its first shipment of vaccines on January 5th. The shipment, which contained more than 9,000 dosages of the Pfizer antibody, was given by the public authority of the United Kingdom.