Global Coronavirus Numbers & Stats

Global Coronavirus Numbers & Stats

Here is the new assessment of the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, which has caused, until Friday at 10:00 GMT, at least 234,393 deaths in 209 countries and territories counted since its appearance in December, with 3,320,613 confirmed cases, including 1,049,260 cured:

Morocco has so far recorded 4,529 cases of Covid-19 contamination, including 1,055 people healed and 171 deaths, while 31,274 cases have been excluded following negative laboratory tests.

In the United States, the number of people who tested positive climbed to 1,095,304, making it the country most affected by Covid-19. The country has 63,871 deaths and 155,737 healings.

The countries most affected after the United States are Spain with 239,639 cases, 24,543 deaths and 137,984 cures, Italy with 205,463 cases, 27,967 deaths and 75,945 cures and France where the number of confirmed cases has increased to 167,178 cases with 24,376 deaths and 49,476 healings.

For its part, Great Britain has recorded 171,253 cases of infection including 26,771 deaths, followed by Germany with 163,009 cases, including 6,623 deaths and 126,900 cures.

In addition, Russia recorded 7,933 new cases in the last 24 hours bringing the toll to 114,431 infections, including 1,169 deaths and 13,220 healings.

China, the cradle of the pandemic, has 82,874 cases including 4,633 deaths and 77,642 healings. Japan has 14,088 cases, 10,774 others in South Korea and 6,766 in Australia, while Mexico has registered 19,224 cases and Brazil has recorded 87,187 confirmed cases, including 6,006 deaths and 35,935 cures.

Saudi Arabia has not been outdone with 22,753 cases recorded, including 162 deaths and 3,163 recoveries, as is Egypt where 5,537 cases have been confirmed, including 392 deaths.

Regarding the contamination rate by country, it is around 0.333730652 in the United States, 0.5105219429 in Spain, 0.3403959576 in Italy, 0.249556502 in France and 0.256943736 in Great Britain. Morocco, for its part, recorded a rate of 0.01257008.

In terms of the continental distribution of the spread of Covid-19, Europe leads the pack with 1,384,048 cases, 135,485 deaths and 510,442 healings, followed by America with 1,365,731 cases, 78,487 deaths and 252,570 people healed.

Asia comes in third place with a total of 524,057 cases, 18,669 deaths and 266,525 people healed, followed by Africa with 39,910 cases, 1,640 deaths and 13,156 people healed, while Oceania leads the way with 8,347 cases, of which 112 dead and 7,070 healings.