“COVID-19 almost killed me” COVID survivor Brent Teixeira’s story

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“COVID-19 almost killed me” COVID survivor Brent Teixeira’s story

The world has lost over two million people to COVID-19 in less than a year, and the virus has infected over 95 million others but many still are not heeding the call to take precautions and follow health guidelines.
Brent Teixeira is one man who has been to Covid hell and back. Brent is a COVID-19 survivor and he has a strong message for those who still have not gotten the message of just how debilitating and damaging the virus can be on the human body. He has literally seen people die in hospital bed next to him saw nurses and doctors break down in tears everytime they lost a patient to the deadly virus.

Brent blacked out several times without oxygen masks. He felt he was drowning without oxygen and breathing was extremely difficult. He thought he was going to die.

Before contracting Covid he never was diabetic but now because of permanent damage to his pancreas he has type 1 diabetes and also has permanent heart damage.