Couples In Open Relationships Are 20% Happier, Study Says

Couples In Open Relationships Are 20% Happier, Study Says

Couples in open relationships are 20 per cent happier on average according to a new paper in the Psychology & Sexuality journal.

Couples in open relationships are said to have a more passionate love life than their monogamous counterparts and they are reported to be less stressed.

The researchers compared surveyed 555 people about sex and relationships and just under half of the participants had more than one sexual partner.


Those in open partnerships had 8 per cent better satisfaction with life and ranked their passionate experiences 23 per cent higher than their monogamous counterparts.

The open group also scored 19 per cent lower for anxiety, 13 per cent lower for depression and 16 per cent less for stress.

Lead researcher Thomas Brooks, of Texas A&M University, said according to The Sun:

“People in open relationships have to learn how to spend more time and energy making sure that emotional needs are met for multiple partners. That suggests they are developing higher social-emotional skills.

“People in open relationships are more flexible and responsive to their partners. They likely have to work harder and it pays off in the long run.”

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