Couple in Court for relative’s murder

Couple in Court for relative’s murder

A couple from Plaisance Park is expected to appear before a Magistrate charged with the murder of Geeta Newman.

Last Thursday, officers visited Newman’s Claxton Bay home and found her motionless body on the couch covered with a sheet.

The body was removed for testing and an autopsy confirmed that she suffered blunt force trauma and asphyxiation, leading to the conclusion that she was murdered.

Officers initially did not deem the death a murder as there were no visible marks of violence on the body.

However, an autopsy proved the cause of her death was homicide.

The woman’s relative and her husband initially claimed that they had not seen the woman, and filed a missing persons report.

They said Newman lived in the downstairs apartment next to them.

Reports said Newman, a mother of three, remained in the living room couch for 24 hours before officers intervened.

On Thursday, deputy Director of Public Prosecutions gave instructions for the couple to be charged with murder.