Couple arrested for doing the deed on a ferris wheel

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Couple arrested for doing the deed on a ferris wheel

A man and woman were arrested at one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the US after four witnesses reported seeing them in a compromising position while on the ride.

David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32-years-old, were allegedly seen getting intimate while aboard the Giant Wheel which rises 145 feet in the air.

The group of witnesses included two children who were in the cart below the couple on the Ferris wheel.

Witnesses told police that they could “feel the cart shaking” and saw the man and woman both expose themselves on the ride.

The couple was confronted by police and security after exiting the ride but denied the allegations.

The woman Johnston told officers that a cigarette pack she had hidden in her shorts under her dress, fell out of her shorts and when she bent over to pick them up Davis helped her.

However after witnesses began to speak up, the couple rescinded their story and admitted to the act.

They were both arrested and transported to the County Jail where they were charged with a misdemeanor of the first degree.

It seems the couple read the website for the amusement park which starts by saying…”At Cedar Point, bigger is better”.

However it seems they missed the part of the description for the ride which says “You’ll be able to see the whole park, and the whole park will be able to see you”.