Councillor calls for more Vaccination Centres in Penal/Debe region


Councillor calls for more Vaccination Centres in Penal/Debe region

Councillor for Barrackpore West, Nicholas Kanhai, has joined forces with Chaguanas Borough Corporation Deputy Mayor Marisa Ramlogan, to plead for additional Vaccination Centres to be set up.

Kanhai said there has been a significant increase in Covid-19 Positive Cases in the region and the nearest Vaccination Centers are the Siparia Health Facility and the La Romaine Health Facility.

He said, via a release, that there are over 75,000 adults in the Region and he is calling on the Ministry of Health to outfit the following Health Centers in the Penal Debe Region to ramp up it’s vaccination drive:
-Penal Health Centre
-Penal Rock Road Health Centre
-Lengua Health Centre
-Debe Health Centre

Kanhai said “We expect that the Ministry of Health will improve its appointment process and work with the Ministry of Digital Transformation to implement a more user-friendly and effective system as opposed to the existing phone call system that frustrates citizens on a daily basis.”

“Achieving herd immunity, coupled with adherence to the Covid-19 Regulations means that we can resort to a level of normalcy. Currently, all Councillors in the PDRC are receiving hundreds of request for Food Support and we don’t have the resources to meet these requests,” he said.

Kanhai added “With the rapid rate of infection and subsequent deaths, it shows that the virus has no gender or age bias. Therefore, I am also issuing a plea to all residents to get yourself vaccinated. I took the 1st Dose of the AstraZeneca Vaccine on April 24th at the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility and I am scheduled for for 2nd Dose on July 17th.”

He said “This may very well be our passport to move around.”
“Let’s be very honest with each other. There are positive Covid-19 cases amongst us. It is not a secret and should not be treated as such. I implore all of us to please, if you have symptoms get tested and stay away from people.”

Kanhai further stated “If you have no reason to be outside, please stay at home. We will not appreciate the trauma this virus can create unless it hits home. Let us all be responsible. We stay away from each other now so we can be together later.”