Coronavirus update: 490 dead, 771 critical, 23,000 infected globally

The coronavirus outbreak has killed at least 490 people with 771 in critical condition at quarantine hospitals. The virus has infected more than 23,000 globally as it continues to spread beyond China.

The health authority in Hubei province in China says that another 65 people died of the coronavirus in the province on Tuesday alone, raising the Hubei death toll since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak to 479 people.

This brings the global death toll to more than 490 victims. Authorities confirmed an additional 3,156 cases of the virus in Hubei, where more than 50 million people live, which brings the total number of cases in the epicenter of the outbreak to 16,678.

A total of 12,627 patients have been hospitalized in the province.

The global number of confirmed coronavirus cases is now well over 23,000.