Coronavirus Death Toll in Brazil Surpasses 1,000

Coronavirus Death Toll in Brazil Surpasses 1,000

Brazil led for the first time the list of countries in which more deaths were identified in 24 hours due to the disease caused by the new coronavirus. More than a thousand dead in 24 hours, in a total of 1179 deaths and 17,408 infected, the highest daily number recorded since the beginning of the pandemic in the country, the executive said this Tuesday.

In total, the South American country totals 17971 deaths and 271628 people diagnosed with covid-19, making it the second country in the world with the highest number of new cases, just behind the United States, according to the Worldometer portal, which compiles almost in real time information from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, official country sources, scientific publications and news outlets.

The increase in the number of deaths in Brazil was 7%, going from 16,792 on Monday to 17971 this Tuesday. In relation to the number of infected, the growth was 6.8%, going from 254220 to 271628 confirmed cases of infection.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the possible relationship of 3,319 deaths with the disease caused by the new coronavirus is still being investigated.

Guardianship also reported that 106794 patients with covid-19 have recovered, and 146,863 are still being monitored.

São Paulo continues to lead the list of states with the highest number of cases, totaling 65,995 people diagnosed with covid-19 and 5147 deaths, followed by Ceará, which has this Tuesday 28,112 cases of infection and 1856 fatalities since the arrival of the pandemic to the country.

Rio de Janeiro is the third federative unit to concentrate the largest number of cases, with a total of 27,805 confirmed cases and 3079 deaths.

On the opposite side, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul remain the only federative units in Brazil that have not yet surpassed the thousand cases of covid-19.

On the day that the country broke records of dead and infected, the Ministry of Health of Brazil used its daily press conference on the covid-19 pandemic to speak of a campaign on breast milk.

“Even in the middle of the pandemic, healthy women can continue to donate milk and help save lives,” said Daniela Ribeiro, deputy secretary of the Secretariat of Primary Health Care, in one of the few mentions she made about the pandemic during the press conference , showing concern about the decrease in the number of donors in the first four months of the year.

Globally, according to a report by the AFP news agency, the covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than 320,000 deaths and infected almost 4.9 million people in 196 countries and territories.

More than 1.7 million patients were considered cured.