CoP warns of midnight countdown at Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

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CoP warns of midnight countdown at Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, says it has come to his attention that several hotels and restaurants are planning the countdown at midnight to usher in the New Year.

In a release this morning, the CoP is reminding the owners and operators of these establishments that the Public Health Ordinance Regulations state very clearly that these places must close at 10 pm.

He added, “Those places which are openly advertising their events for tonight, please be advised that the TTPS will be visiting you. I have noticed that in one case, a hotel has advertised to the public that persons can ring in the New Year at the waterfront. There is another case where a restaurant has advertised that patrons can have a quiet dinner before the countdown begins.”

The CoP has advised that this is contrary to the Public Health Regulations and the owners and operators should desist. He said the TTPS officers will be out in full force tonight to ensure that persons in their exuberance, do not flout the regulations and cause the Covid-19 virus statistics to increase in the coming days.

Commissioner Griffith is reminding citizens that bars are to be closed at 10 pm and therefore there should be no congregating outside these establishments to bring in the New Year. He said that police patrols in all nine Divisions will be increased over the next three days to ensure that people adhere to the regulations.