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CoP to return next week as Ireland heads into 6-week lockdown

Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, has given the assurance that he will be returning to TT next week as scheduled.

Griffith is currently on vacation in Ireland, however, Ireland has now been placed on complete lockdown, following an increase in Covid19 cases.

Speaking to CNC3 on Saturday, Griffith said not only will he be returning, he will be working from home while under mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Griffith left for Europe on October 16 for a medical check-up and to spend time with his wife and son in Ireland. Prior to his departure he was granted permission to re-enter TT.

According to the BBC: The restrictions in Ireland are to last for six weeks but will be reviewed after four.
The Irish PM has announced that: People are to stay at home. Those who can work from home must do so; People will be able to meet up outdoors with one other household away from their home for the likes of exercise, within the 5km limit; No social or family gatherings are allowed in homes or gardens, but visits on compassionate grounds and for caring purposes can continue; Those living alone or parenting alone will be able to pair with another household as part of a “support bubble”; Many non-essential shops and hairdressers will have to close
Bars and restaurants will only be able to provide a takeaway service and the number of wedding guests permitted will remain at 25 until the end of the year; up to 10 mourners can attend a funeral.