CoP stepping up efforts to have more officers inoculated

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CoP stepping up efforts to have more officers inoculated

Efforts are being ramped up to increase vaccination rates among officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith gave the assurance, after the Prime Minister stated at the Covid19 media briefing on Saturday, that only 43 per cent of police officers have been vaccinated, while only 35 per cent of the T&T Defence Force have taken the vaccine.

However, Griffith said the ratio for vaccination is higher in the TTPS than the adult population.

He pointed out, “400,000 adults have been fully vaccinated out of an adult population of over one million which means that roughly 38 per cent of the adult population has been vaccinated. The TTPS is by far higher than the ratio of the adult population vaccinated.”

The top Cop noted, however, that he will continue working to ensure that more police officers are vaccinated.

He added, “I expect that the TTPS to be at a much higher standard and if it is that I have to go to each and every police officer to speak to them and explain to them the importance of them being vaccinated, we would do so. We are on a very aggressive campaign to try to influence all officers to understand the importance of them being vaccinated.”