CoP: St. Mary’s Police Post has not been closed

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CoP: St. Mary’s Police Post has not been closed

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, notes the continued attempt being made to provide the public with false information about police stations across the country.

Contrary to information being spread that various police stations are being closed, the TTPS has embarked upon a strategic realignment of its facilities and as such will be offering a wider range of services at targeted facilities.

He said “This realignment requires refurbishment works and relocation of some units. For example, the establishment of the Special Victims Unit and Virtual Courts require physical accommodation, and therefore assigning these units and services to existing stations require changes within the organisation.

This will see better use of resources, increased visibility on the nation’s roads, and reduce response times. The ability of officers to take reports from the public at any TTPS facility remains in place. The St. Mary’s Post is no different. This Post is not closed.