CoP says he is on the same page with the Government

CoP says he is on the same page with the Government

In response to comments made by the public that the TTPS can arrest persons if they are found outside of their homes during the country’s ‘stay at home measures’ Commissioner Griffith said that he was given no directive to arrest or charge anyone for leaving their house.

Speaking at a live media conference at the TTPS Administration building this afternoon, Commissioner Griffith said that there was no extra authority given to the service.

He said a State Of Emergency was not called and as such by law they can not arrest citizens.



Commissioner Griffith also said that the country’s national security entities are on the same page. He said that the AG, the Prime Minister, the National Security Minister and himself are all working together.

He said he expressed concern after noticing citizen’s gathering outside of banks, supermarkets and drugstores.