CoP: Police service stronger than ever

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CoP: Police service stronger than ever

The police service is stronger than ever.

This is the warning being issued to criminals by Police Commissioner, McDonald Jacob.

His comments come amid a noticeable surge in crime throughout the country.


The current murder rate suggests the country is on track to surpass its highest annual murder toll.

Meanwhile, many persons were left scared after a brazen deadly daytime robbery of a security crew earlier this week in La Romain.

Four bandits shot up a security van as it exited the Pennywise compound, leaving 2 guards dead and 1 critically injured.

Passers-by were also injured with a nearby security guard suffering a gunshot wound to his back and a 9 year old boy being grazed by a bullet.

Pennywise employees were given the day off Monday to address their mental health following the incident.

Commissioner Jacob told Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show Monday, despite the narrative being peddled by some persons, the TTPS is not weak.

He pointed to the quick response by police and the subsequent arrests regarding the incident.

Four of the 6 bandits were shot dead during a shootout with police with the other two subsequently held.

A soldier said to be attached to the La Romain Camp of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment was also being interviewed in connection with the matter after the initial getaway car was abandoned a short distance from the camp.