CoP now acquiring report by PCA

CoP now acquiring report by PCA

The Commissioner of Police this evening confirmed the receipt of correspondence from the Police Complaints Authority, with recommendations pertaining to the fatal shooting of three persons by police officers in Morvant, on June 27th 2020.

The Commissioner of Police in a media release issued this evening said “on several occasions, he was awaiting preliminary reports by the PCA from their investigation, before he takes any decisive action on this matter.”

Commissioner Griffith said that he has received the report – “it would be reviewed and he would act accordingly”.

The release also states that “what he would not do, is to make a public comment as it pertains to any decision made, on any police officer, without first informing said officers.”

He said “it is now being done, and the public would be informed accordingly, but only after the officers are informed.”

Commissioner Griffith said that “it is unfortunate that the PCA however, did not operate in such a professional manner, as a media release of recommendations made on the officers was issued, even before the actual correspondence even reached the desk of the CoP; meaning that the sensitive recommendations on the officers have been made public, so the said officers are made aware of the recommendations, not through the proper channel, but via the media release issued by the PCA, of actions recommended to be taken on them.”

Commissioner Griffith stressed that “it was not the appropriate manner to deal with such sensitive issues, by sending out a media release to the public, without the person required to action the recommendation, even getting the actual correspondence in his hands to do so.”

The CoP highlighted “action taken by 9:00am on Tuesday 7th July, 2020, after the said officers have been briefed and informed, as per the proper procedure”.